Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Moving on

Well I have been out re fencing my fields and getting just three horses set up. Zipper will be leaving at the end of October to go live with his old family. I'm hoping that she will take better care of him if he is closer but I be able to check up on him every month by email. I'm will have him up to date on everything and a few extra pounds on him.

Figi has moved on just fine, she looked for Doobie a few times that day but is having fun with Asia. I'm sure the next time she sees a pinto she will call for it. I have started putting a blanket on the Fig at night it has been cold and I don't want her to get real hairy. I has a nice ride on her the other night. We have been working at the mounting block. She is kind of a bitch when you get on. I have been working for months to get her to nicely walk up and stand. The other night she was doing great I was up and down several times and she was great. I thought to myself what is she going to do if I just get on, buck, take off? So up and over I went and what did she do? Stood still!! I was very tense and so she was too but we walked up to Shanni and Asia. Shanni said we could play follow the leader but Asia is a very slow walker so Figi lead the way and Shanni talked me through some breathing exercises. I road for about five minutes and got off and went back to the mounting block and she was still good so I stopped. I'm excited to ride again and feel this is a great start for the two of us.

Well I'm off to go feed breakfast. We got some bad beet pulp the other day. It was not bad as in spoiled but bad as it had molasses in it. Figi liked it but no one else ate it. I had to take it back yesterday and go to a different feed store and get some more. The horses were still not sure it was safe to eat.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Farwell old friend

Doobie passed this morning very peacefully. The weather was sunny and calm just like him. Figi and I are heart broken but know he is running free with his friend Sage.


Friday, September 12, 2008

My old man

At the age of 33 (a year old then me) Doobie has seen more of Washington state then I have. He was born to Dave and Sue and was there child for 30 years. They retired and deiced to travel so Doobie came to live with me. I rode him the first summer I had him and then he went into semi-retirement just giving the kids rides and this last year he has only had to give a ride or two. He is the rock of the herd grounding my silly mare Figi and keeping everyone safe. Over the last few years his body has grown tired and he is starting to look his age and feel his age. After talking the Dave we deiced to have the vet come and look at him and see if maybe it might be the best choice to have him put down before winter comes. I'm torn in this as I see his beautiful face and eyes and I see how youthful he is but then I look at his poor body that is just on keeping up. I love how he talks to me every feeding and makes my hurry with his meal! I know that if the vet feels its time I will be fine with the choice but I almost want him to say he is fine and Doobie booby will get to stay. Wednesday is the big day with the vet I just hope it comes fast.

Sunday, September 7, 2008