Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adventures in hay

So in order to save some money I went to a local farm and got some grass hay at $4.50 a bale!! I went with Cecil (my boss ) and his son in law (a New Yorker). We took Cecil's truck and my dads car trailer. We got 56 bales on the trailer and 21 in the truck. When we pulled out of the farm the trailer was making a squeaking noise but Rob thought it was just the axle and would be fine. We got going down the road and I look out the window and see smoking tires we pull over and decide to go just a little way down the road the the gas station very slowly. We leave Rob and the trailer of hay and run home and unload the truck and pick up my truck and go back and get the some of the hay off the trailer and headed home. Thank goodness we found hay in Poulsbo (45 minutes away) and not Chehalis (2 hours away). Anyway we made it home we have 21 bales for the horses and I'm hoping to go back after payday for some more (With out the trailer) and best of all the horses like it!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Big red barn

Tree growing out of barn

Old logs used for roof

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Around Grandmas house

New purple and green family room
Green house that we built and then moved
Tomatoes in green house
Flowers from green house
Sadie taking a nap
New $800. door my dad got for $50.
Out side of door
Pictures my mom and i put up
Goodwill desk I found

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Attempting bareback!!

So last night we hauled out to Clover Valley Riding Center to work the horses. Well I hauled Figi and Shannon worked with Lenny. I lunged Figi and she was very good but I decided not to ride but did a little work at the mounting block. She was very good not pinning of the ears or trying to walk off. Since she was standing so nice I tryed to jump up and just lay over her. She was so good I tryed many times and then Shannon tryed. She did pin her ears at Shannon but then I went and held her head and she was fine. I never could get up and stay up just not strong enough. I think we are going to haul out again Sunday and I will ride her if she has the same great attitude.

Kisses from Figi

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Its been a while

Well its been a few months since I wrote last. Since the last time I wrote I have got a food sponsor (for my OA) lost 10 lbs in a week got off track and stopped calling my sponsor. Still have not tried to find a new one. So I'm still struggling with it but its getting better.

Figi is being very pretty out in my field! I have got a new horses shoer so she has nice new feet. It was a hard choice for me to change I have had the same farrier for over 20 years. I will still use him for my old guy but thought Figi could use a new look. I will have to get some new pictures of her. She also got implants to help control her heat cycle. I have not had a chance to ride her yet but on the ground she is very loving and kind so I hope that will transfer to the saddle.

Picture of the last time we rode after a good roll!

Doobie is really showing his age and I'm going to write Dave his past owner and talk with him Doobies future. He is just not doing as well this summer as I would like to see.

Zipper the horse I found this spring is going to go back and live with his owner. He just is not fitting in to my herd very well. He is mean to Doobie and studish to the mares. I also have just not found the time to ride a second horse. I did get his feet done and got some weight on him so I'm happy I was able to help him.

Well I'm hoping to ride this week or at least work with Figi so I'm sure I will have more to write about.